Coming Soon!

I'm happy to announce that Lesson Three in my "Mastering the Digital Canvas" training series, "Painting Portraits with the Mixer Brush" will be available in early September.  This title will be the final installment in this Photoshop portrait-painting series.  The other two Lessons were well received, and I hope this one will be as well.

You'll follow along from beginning to end as I paint a portrait of an old fisherman using an assortment of brushes that I've custom designed. You'll see how the mixer-brush controls work, some of the different ways to use the mixer brush, and then you'll see it in action.  This fairly recent addition to the Photoshop toolbox has really expanded the creative opportunities for digital painters - like you and me.  Whether you like to transform your photographs into paintings or paint onto a blank canvas, the mixer brush offers us a wonderful new means of creative expression.  This title will be available as a direct download.

Beyond the MTDC portrait-painting series, I have lots of plans for future tutorials that will cover a broad spectrum of subjects and digital art techniques - from the very basic to the more advanced.  I plan to offer free products from time to time as well.

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