Master the Fine Art of Painting Birds!

I’m happy to announce the arrival of “Autumn Nuthatch:  Painting Birds with the Mixer Brush,” which is now available as a digital download.  This new release is Volume I of the “Over-My-Shoulder” series.  Certainly the mixer brush is uniquely suited to render the feathers and other fine details of birds, but it’s also equally capable when it comes the to the task of painting the leaves, branches and sky that typically surround our colorfully-feathered friends. 

Over the course of this 3.5-hour lesson, you’l have the opportunity to look over my shoulder as I take my “Autumn Nuthatch” painting from start to finish.  This was an actual painting project of mine that I was working on for the first time - so you’ll see some of the twists and turns that are typical of the way I work. As I’ve said, I always start out with an idea of what my finished piece will look like, but quite often it evolves into something that’s a bit different. 

My “Mastering the Digital Canvas” series was well received, and I hope this new series will be as well.  Beyond “Autumn Nuthatch,” I plan to offer a number of other OMS titles that’ll feature many different kinds of subjects and techniques.  I hope you’ll join me on this new journey!  "Chapter 1:  Welcome"