Lesson 1: Creative Animal-Painting Techniques for Photoshop (download only)

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"Creative Animal-Painting Techniques" is the first installment in my "Mastering the Digital Canvas" Photoshop portrait-painting series.  Follow along with me from beginning to end as I transform an animal photo into an animal painting using the smudge tool as my primary painting tool.

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You'll learn how to:

  • Paint using the smudge tool – a basic introduction to this varied and powerful Photoshop tool
  • Combine the smudge tool with Photoshop’s other creative tools to paint amazing portraits of animals
  • Paint all the basic elements of animal portraits, including fur and whiskers, eyes and nose
  • Create from scratch painted background and foreground elements
  • Add incredible painted detail to your animal portraits
  • Add texture and brushstrokes to your paintings for an authentic natural-media look

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