About Deardorff Training

My name is Scott Deardorff, and I’m happy that you’ve taken the time to visit my website. I look forward to sharing with you all the things I’ve learned from so many others and through my own experimentation. I consider myself to be an artist who takes a modern approach to creating traditionally styled paintings of people, animals, landscapes, still life and other subjects. My medium of choice is digital paint applied to a digital canvas. My tools of choice are my Macintosh computer, Wacom tablet and stylus, along with Adobe Photoshop.

My background is in Photography. Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in photo-communications, I’ve worked with both digital and traditional photographic media in every format from SLR to medium-format to 4×5, both in-studio and outdoors. Most of my work in photography has been in the wedding and portrait field. This background, along with my great appreciation for the work of the traditional painters, has guided the development of my digital-art technique and painting style.  In recent years, as I’ve sought to master the art of digital painting, I’ve worked to fully understand and utilize the creative potential of Photoshop – and through deardorfftraining.com – to share with others what I’ve learned.

My first training series "Mastering the Digital Canvas" explores portrait-painting techniques for Photoshop.  This series is now complete with the release of "Lesson 3:  Painting Portraits with the Mixer Brush."

My newest painting series, “Over My Shoulder,” explores a variety of different subjects and techniques.  Volume I of this series, “Autumn Nuthatch:  Painting Birds with the Mixer Brush” gives viewers the opportunity to follow along as from start to finish as I create my painting, “Autumn Nuthatch.”  Through these series, and through a number of free tutorial offerings, it’s my hope that you will discover your own passion for creating art in Photoshop.

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