Customer Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about  Lesson One:  Creative Animal-Painting Techniques for Photoshop…

“Thank you soooo much for taking the time to create the ‘Mastering the Digital Canvas’ series. I absolutely LOVE lesson 1 ‘Creative Animal Painting Techniques’ and look forward to the release of Lesson 2!  I’m really enjoying the pace of your lessons and how well you explain things. Watching over your shoulder, so to speak, and see the process of how you paint the fur, etc., is immensely helpful.   I’m so happy I found your tutorials! It’s like having my own private art teacher.”  - Linda B.

“Hey Scott, I’ve sure enjoyed your first cou
rse in smudge painting animals, it’s a great piece of work, there’s not a better one out there, I know because I’ve checked out about all of the movie type tutorials.”- James A.  

“I have seen work from many digital artists and sources through the years ranging from basic Photoshop & Corel painter setups to the more elaborate 3D “boutique” programmes and your work, (in my modest opinion), is at the pinnacle.  I simply have not seen anything better! You must be immensely proud of the positive feedback your work generates.”- Phil H.

“Scott, I hope you have me down for your ‘Portrait-Painting’ I would love to purchase it also. I truly love the one on animals – you are just totally amazing.” - Camilla V.

“You are amazing Scott, I sat and looked at your art for hours … thank you for sharing your incredible talent.  To think, you did all of this with the smudge tool – WOW !!!!”  - Lisa D.

“I got your DVD few weeks back and it was great. Thanks for that. I’ve been ‘smudging’ quite a lot, some have gone to friends and neighbors.  Cant wait for your next DVD.”  - Markus H.

“The first is very well done. Looking forward to the next one.”  - Hans B.

“Scott, I have to congratulate you for your fantastic DVD. This over the shoulder view concept is what I really wanted and I couldn’t be happier. A few new things for me like snap shots and the finger painting so I guess I have tons of homework to do.   Again, thanks for such a fantastic job on your DVD.”  - Rosa C.

“Your work is amazing and truly inspiring.  Thanks for sharing your techniques.”  - Raaj S.

“I am a very satisfied customer.  You have done an amazing job not only with the content, but the presentation as well.  Even the video itself is beautiful and a work of art.”  - Jim K.

“I loved series one (animal painting) cant wait for next installment.”  - Randall G.

“I wanted to get in touch and let you know two things that I really like about your presentation.  The background music is a great touch. It’s very relaxing, and it fills the audio space when you’re working and there’s really nothing to say. Another teacher might chatter away just to ‘fill the void,’ but this is a much better technique, and I’m sure it will make repeated viewings more pleasant.  I’ve never seen subchapters in a tutorial video before, and they’re a wonderful idea. That saves me time and frustration when I’m looking for something specific in a chapter. You were obviously thinking very carefully about the user interface when you came up with this and the music.  I know your videos take a long time to produce. It’s perceptive touches like these that show me why…I can see that I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth. Thanks, Scott!”  - Diana S.

Here’s what people are saying about  Lesson Two:  Creative Portrait-Painting Techniques for Photoshop…

“The DVD’s were wonderful, and have given me a new desire for the art of digital painting. ”  – James T.

“I just wanted to email you a before and after portrait that did of myself following your wonderful instructions.  I completed the portrait of my niece, and her parents loved it so much that there is a list of family and friends that are requesting portraits…I am extremely happy with your wonderful and carefully presented product, that I am truly at a loss for words.” - Sterling H.

“Your DVDs are great!” - Lowell F.

“I got your DVD yesterday, and I’ve been looking at some of the chapters.  Love the way everything is presented…so clear and easy to follow.  Can’t wait to start learning your techniques.” - Ellena A.

“I have both of your DVDs and I’m hooked, its amazing the amount of detail that you bring out.” - Rafael C.

“Your portrait video is just great.  Put me down as a huge fan of your artwork and your instruction.  Looking forward to Lesson 3 when it’s available!” - Joan C.

“I just wanted say I’m delighted with Lesson 2 of your painting series.  I’ve been looking forward to its release since the first lesson and I’ve not been disappointed…I hope you continue with your tutorials as I imagine they are very time-consuming to produce…very inspiring stuff.” - Ray L.

“As a fellow digital art portrait painter I just have to congratulate you on your new portrait painting DVD. Mine just arrived today and I love it. Very professional presentation with the music in the background and how it is put together, very instructive, well just awesome! It also shows how much you have evolved your painting style since the last time I saw you painting in Digital Art Academy.” - Odwin R.

“Very impressed with DVD Lesson 2.  Thank you for sharing with us your techniques.” - Andre C.

“Your new DVD, like your first one is just outstanding…your presentation is very professional and easy to follow.” - Frank B.

“Great stuff.” - Gary R.

Here are some of the early reviews for Lesson Three:  Painting Portraits with the Mixer Brush in Photoshop...

“Thank you for sharing your talent and your wonderful videos. No one explains these things as clearly as you.” - Dave M.

"Good job!" - Betty L.

“…I enjoy the larger videos in lesson 3….they’re a joy to watch. Thank you! The picture and sound quality are excellent, as is the content, of course…love the music in the background.” - Kenneth M.

“I can tell you’ve put a lot of care into this training video…I look forward to everything you do.” - Mary K.

“I’ve been a big fan of your painting style for a long time. Your work always amazes me. Your painting of this old gentleman in this lesson is one of your best! Thanks for sharing your technique for painting with the mixer brush.” - Paula H.

"What a fantastic tutorial, the best one of the three so far, and it is just what I've been looking for.  I have just finished painting the fisherman portrait and am pleased with the results, I am now looking for a photo of my own to try it on...I am looking forward to the next tutorial." - Kevin E.

"Thanks for making this tutorial...I hope I can someday match your skill." - Minh T.

"You have an easy way of explaining things...I thank you for the music" -Edna C. 

“Scott, there are a lot of different painting technique videos out there. I have to say yours are by far the best…Thank you for sharing your techniques and philosophies on art and painting…I just completed the attached painting of my grandson following your recipe…I’m so happy with the way it turned out…I would love to hear more about some of the other lessons you have planned in the future. Thanks again! - Jim W.

"Brilliant!" - Richard F.